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Are you a jobseeker

Under Your first EURES job scheme you can apply for financial support.

You must apply for financial support before you leave your country and before the starting date of your new job. You cannot apply after you have moved to your new country of work.

Are you.....

  1. Age 18-35 år?
  2. Citizen of another EU country, Norway or Iceland?
  3. Legally resident in an EU country, Norway and Iceland and applying for a job in another EU country, Norway or Iceland?

The project supports European mobility and sustainable recruitments with fair working conditions. The project cannot support employment within businesses with high turnover or with one or more days of unpaid trial work/training before employment or which offers only commission with no fixed wages.

It is an EU mobility project that aims to match employers with hard to fill vacancies with skilled candidates across Europe. Your first EURES job is open to jobseekers and to employers (focus on SMEs) from an EU country, Norway or Iceland.

It is obligatory to have contact with your local  EURES Adviser in order to apply for the project.
Remember to find both country and region. 

Choose between Hovedstaden – Midtjylland – Nordjylland – Sjælland – Syddanmark.

Find a EURES Adviser click hereFind your local EURES Adviser

EURES Adviser can advise you on mobility and the procedure for applying. We can inform you on what to think about before starting to work abroad. We check
with the employer that they offer good quality recruitment and do this with  EURES Advisers in Europe.

Information on Brexit:

Due to the ending of the Brexit transitional period on 31st of December 2020, applications for financial support to/from the United Kingdom have to be sent in latest by 30th of November 2020.

This as 1st of December 2020 is the last date when an interview, relocation and recognition of qualifications can take place. Language courses have to be completed latest by 20th of November 2020.