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Your First EURES job is open to jobseekers aged 18-35 and to employers (SMEs)

Your first EURES job

Your first EURES job is a European Union job mobility scheme to help young people find a job opportunity in another EU country, Norway or Iceland and to help employers find qualified workforce. It aims to match hard to fill vacancies with young jobseekers and people looking for jobbased trainings across Europe.

Through Your first EURES job you can get financial support for an interview trip abroad, as well as for training (e.g. language courses), recognition of qualifications and relocation expenses.

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How to find a EURES job

There are several ways to actively find a EURES job. You can upload your CV to the EURES Platform and search for jobs on the following homepages:


Are you an employer (SMEs)

Are you a business based in an EU country, Norway or Iceland ?  Are you looking to recruit young people with a certain profile and cannot find them in your own country? Are you willing to hire workers aged 18–35 from other EU countries, Norway or Iceland? and able to provide on-the-job training and other support for the recruited candidates? Your first EURES job is European Union job mobility scheme to help employers find qualified workers and to help young Europeans aged 18-35 find a job or work-based training opportunity in another Member State, Norway or Iceland. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can apply for financial support to cover some of the training costs and helping the new employee or trainee get settled. 
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